Flashback: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opening

Today exactly 5 years ago The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was officially inaugurated in Walt Disney Studios Park.

Although the attraction was already open for guests since December 2007, it wasn’t until 5 April 2008 until it was introduced to the press, all for marketing reasons ánd a good tie-in with the prolongation of the 15th Anniversary celebrations.

The day started with lots of animation all over the resort, tied-in to Tower of Terror. Bellhops could be found at the Disney Hotels and a large crashed elevator could be found in Walt Disney Studios Park. This oversized prop was used in a marketing stunt in the United Kingdom months before the press event.

Later in the afternoon another attraction officially opened: Stitch Live! It was Karl Holz and the Disney Ambassadors Wendy and Arnaud, that inaugurated the replacement of the Television Production Tour. High School Musical 2: School’s Out! was performed for the first time right after that.

In the evening, invitees were welcomed in a large inflatable tent where a walking dinner was presented. This tent was located in the backstage area behind the Studio Tram Tour loading station.

All evening long Disney Studio 1 and Hollywood Boulevard came back to life as if it were that faithful night in 1939. Hollywood residents, cars and music from that era livened up the evening. Highlight of the evening was an enormous light and sound spectacle that used the Hollywood Tower Hotel façade as a giant canvas to retell the story of what happened that faithful night in 1939.

The press evening concluded with a dance party in Disney Studio 1 with unlimited rides on Tower of Terror all night long…


20th Anniversary Extended: Disney Light’Ears

Disney Light’Ears, known as Glow with the Show in Disneyland California, will be introduced to Disneyland Paris during the Summer Season.

These glow-up ears can make an infrared connection with the Mouse-mitters (a Disney transmitter) that are located on Main Street, U.S.A. and around the hub. During Disney Dreams, the ears will light up to the sound and visuals of Disneyland Paris’ highest-rated night time spectacular.

The Light’Ears have three different modes: light-up, sync and show mode. Light-up means the colors will change without involving an infrared connection. The syncing mode can be activated by simply putting one or more Light’Ears nearby. After a while, the ears will gradually show the same colors simultaneously. In show mode, the light will perform during Disney Dreams or World of Color, as the Disneyland Paris ears can be used in the Disneyland California and the other way around.

Good to know: special system will be installed in dark rides that will automatically shut off the glowing so the attraction experience won’t be disturbed.

Guests wishing to purchase these ears will have to put down 20 EUR, compared to $25 in California.

During the 20th Anniversary Extended press event, all journalist were handed a pair of Light’Ears to watch Disney Dreams, which offered an amazing vista that can be seen on the photos below.

Marianne Sharpe VP Merchandise introduces the Light'EarsMarianne Sharpe VP MerchandiseDisney Light'EarsDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'EarsDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in actionDisney Light'Ears in action

20th Anniversary Extended: Designers of Dreams fashion show

Saturday 23 March 2013 was a hay day for Disneyland Paris Cast Members at the marketing department, as fashion show, entirely in line with what’s presented at the Parisian Fashion Week.

Disneyland Paris asked famous fashion designers all over Europe to re-imagine the dresses from famous Disney characters. Nine designers took up the challenge and send their models down the catwalk in The Pavilion, located behind Star Tours.

The designers and their inspiration were:

  • The House of Lanvin had Alber Elbaz designed a true diva dress for Minnie Mouse, who opened show.
  • Jean-Paul Knott (Belgium) was clearly inspired by the famous apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • SISTER by SIBLING (United Kingdom) took note from Cinderella. It featured a digital clock on the front piece indicating it was almost time to leave the ball.
  • MICHALSKY (Germany) took note from Cinderella’s dress as well.
  • Alexander Terekhov (Russia) travelled down the Rabbit Hole with Alice in Wonderland in mind.
  • Philip Treacy (Ireland) created a Peter Pan-inspired hat in green and red tones.
  • Custo Barcelona (Spain) re-imagined Maleficent.
  • Luisa Beccaria (Italy) took inspiration from Disney’s Aladdin.
  • Olcay Gulsen – SuperTrash (the Netherlands) seems to have been inspired by the starry sky in The Lion King.

Take a look at the dresses as they were presented during the Designers of Dreams show:

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas 2012 launch: photo coverage

Past weekend was the official launch of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas season and the French première of Wreck-it Ralph. As part of this “press weekend”, Disneyland Paris invited children with life-threatening medical conditions from all over Europe. They were given a VIP-treatment during the entire weekend with special acts, work shops, meet ‘n’ greets with Disney characters and much more!

Journey with us through our photo coverage of past weekend: from the new decorations on Main Street, U.S.A. to the Christmas Wishes press show!

Individual photo albums will follow shortly!

20th anniversary press weekend: the opening ceremony

In our first blog post covering the 20th Anniversary press launch, we’ll have a look at the opening ceremony that took place on Town Square on Saturday morning. The Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Regis and Osvaldo along with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their all new anniversary outfits, welcomed the winner of The Voice Kids Holland: Fabienne Bergmans. Fabienne, age 14, performed the new Disney parade song “Magic Everywhere” live for the press, fans and guests. Cast Members of different attractions, restaurants and shops from all over Disneyland Park entered the background with signs representing European flags, along with a big group of Disney characters.

After the excellent performance by Fabienne, Goofy brought Hollywood star Salma Hayek in the spotlight, whom expressed her excitement about Disneyland Paris and its birthday – in French, Spanish and English! She cut the ribbon with a large pair of scissors, brought on stage by Chip and Dale, causing a burst of streamers and confetti on Main Street, U.S.A.

Invitees and press where then welcomed on the purple carpet by Disney characters and even well known Disneyland Paris faces like the Ambassadors and Vasile Sirli, Musical Director of the Resort.