Throwback Thursday: The Phantom Wedding

The Phantom Wedding was a projection mapping show on Phantom Manor during Disney’s Halloween Party on 31 October 2004. The entire building was covered with white fabric to allow a good image.

The show told the story of Phantom Manor using still and video images, 3D animations and live dancers. It was very well received among fans, though it didn’t return for the Halloween Parties the years after.

The Phantom Wedding was developped by the same company that did the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opening and was also consulted during the creation of Disney Dreams.

Photo of the week: Phantom Manor meets Tower of Terror

There are only a few places in Disneyland Paris where you can get a photo like this, and most of them are not accessible for guests. Luckily the Legends of the Wild West walk-through offers this stunning view of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror looming behind another run-down building: Phantom Manor.

Different parks, different styles, yet the same eerie look and feel.

Phantom Manor meets Tower of Terror

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