What would Halloween be without Disney Characters? The Halloween Season usually has lots of rare characters come out in the park, whether it’s a Disney Villain or a classic character in special Halloween outfits.

We’ve made a selection of character photos from the Halloween Seasons of 2003 to 2011:

Photo date: 2003-10-04
Gaston (2003)
Photo date: 2004-10-01
Old Hag (2004)

2004: Mickey Mouse2004: Donald DuckThey come out only once a year during Halloween2008: Winnie the Pooh  (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party)2006: Shan-Yu (Halloween Soiree)2011: Phil (Halloween Soiree)2011: Pain and Panic (Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party)2011: Mickey Mouse (Micke's Not So Scary Halloween Party)