For many Disneyland Paris fans, Café des Cascadeurs is the only table service restaurant that can be found in the park and sadly, it’s rarely open. But did you know besides the fact it serves burgers & fries, it has an actual history going back to 1950?!

The whole metal diner shell actually originates from New Jersey, New York where it was used as an actual diner called “The Excellent Diner”. It served classic American fast food up until 1995 when it was sold and shipped to Germany. It’s history from there on is unknown, but somehow a group of Walt Disney Imagineers found out about this excellent retro gem and purchased it for the Walt Disney Studios Park.

The interior of the diner was completely rebuild and brand new signs were designed to match the existing design.

Café des Cascadeurs opened a few months after Walt Disney Studios Park had opened on 16 March 2002.

Next time when you have the chance to have lunch here, remember you’re probably sitting in one of the oldest items that can be found in the entire resort!

Café des CascadeursCafé des Cascadeurs

Take the photo tour:

A big thank you goes to Jordan Zakarin who e-mailed me the history of The Excellent Diner a few years ago. Read his blog post, including a picture of the original diner here.