Do you remember Kids’ Carnival?

Kids Carnival

Kids Carnival was a mid-season that ran in February and March of 2005 and 2006. It succeeded The Lion King Carnival which took place on Central Plaza in 2004. For that occasion, Pride Rock was build in front of Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant and a live show was performed on it several times during the day. The show even involved a real lion cub!

The Lion King Carnival got replaced in 2005 by an all new experience, this time on Town Square. Colorful ribbons and banners (although cheap and tacky looking) decorated the Town Square shop fronts and trees. Main Street Station was decorated with the season’s logo and three weird, organic-like creatures could be found around the gazebo.

There were several entertainment offerings during Kids Carnival, which included the Carnival Fever character meet ‘n’ greets with live DJ, The Jungle Carnival and the Under the Sea Carnival cavalcades. A mash-up of both cavalcades was performed at the end of the day.

Kids Carnival

The Jungle Carnival cavalcade featured characters and music from The Jungle Book and The Lion King. Costumes and props were re-used from The Lion King Carnival. The Under the Sea Carnival was based on The Little Mermaid and featured the rare Sebastian character, as well as Ariel as mermaid on a small float.

The cavalcades featured a new song composed by Vasile Sirli, called La-Li-Da Carnaval, which was released on CD and is featured on the 15th Anniversary and 20th Anniversary cd albums. A limited edition pin shaped as the Kids Carnival logo was released as well.

Kids Carnival cd singleKids Carnival pin

Carnival season didn’t return in 2007 due to the 15th Anniversary celebrations which lasted all year long.

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