New: Photo of the day on Instagram

Some changes have been made to our Instagram. Just until recently we used Instagram only to post live photos from the Parks, but this caused our photo stream to remain silent in between trips. Therefor a “photo of the day” as well as “Throwback Thursday” will fill in that gap!

Be sure to check us out on Instagram! You don’t even need to use your smartphone, just visit:!

Photos Magiques on Instagram

Instagram profile

If you’re a follower of Photos Magiques on Twitter, then you know we post live photos during our Disneyland Paris visits on Instagram. For those that don’t know Instagram, it’s a social application used to take photos – with or without filter – and upload them to the Instagram timeline.

We’ve been using Instagram since November 2011 and we currently have over 540 followers and over 200 photos, all taken and posted live from Disneyland Paris, Disney Fantasy cruise ship and Walt Disney World!

The new profile pages will allow visitors bowing through our photos, without the need to use the app. Instagram users can log-in and like & comment on photos without the need to open the app on their iOS or Android device.

Photos Magiques on Instagram