Journey into your Imagination turns 30

Journey into your Imagination is an attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Guests are carried in Omnimover ride vehicles through various scenes that evoke imagination.

Since it’s opening in 1983, there have been 3 different versions of the attraction. It’s the original version, once created by Tony Baxter himself, that’s the most popular. Disney purists are lobbying for years to bring this attraction back to its original state. In 2002 they kinda succeeded; only 2 years after its second make-over, which omitted the popular Figment character from the first version, fan out-cry was so loud that the character was re-introduced.

The classic song “One Little Spark” written by the Sherman Brothers is still part of the attraction since 1983.

Journey into your Imagination in 2012

Photos by Photos Magiques – August 2012