Disney Fantasy photo tour: part 2

In part 2 of our Disney Fantasy tour, we have a video of the wonderful Enchanted Art that can be found on board the ship. These picture frames that seemingly “just” hold a piece of Disney art come to life when standing in front of it. For example, the Disney Fantasy exclusive Dumbo art, features Casey Jr the Circus Train travel from one painting to the other! Another one has Pirates of the Caribbean’s Wicked Wench attacking the Fort. Take a look at a selection of Disney Fantasy’s Enchanted Art.

The Muppet Adventure Game is unique to the Disney Fantasy as well. While the Disney Dream focusses on Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, on the Disney Fantasy this interactive game is all about The Muppets! Using a special flashcard guests have to solve a mystery by using a map and finding the right Enchanted Art photo frames that will reveal clues and hints by holding the card in front of it. Through mini-games more and more clues are revealed, which will lead to solving the case!

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