Disney Fashion completes its make-over

Disney Fashion was once known as Team Mickey, a store carrying mostly sporting gear. A few years ago however, the sports theme and merchandising was removed and replaced by a more modern take on the theming by using white glossy statues of characters lit up by colorful lights. The assortment moved from sportive to fashion, offering a similar assortment that can by found at Main Street Motors.

Last year however a different take on how the articles where presented was tried out on one side of the shop. No longer ordinary store shelves and hangers, but contemporary wardrobes, chairs and oversized frames had to make sure every product stood out. This formula proved to be successful as the entire store has now received the new theming. Besides clothes, Disney Fashion now offers matching bags, photo frames, stationary and more as well.

Take our photo tour to check out this revamped boutique:

As a reminder, below a before and after:

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