Disneyland Resort in California raised the prices of their annual passes not so long ago. This made us wonder which Disney Resort offered the best value for money. When you check out our comparing table below, you’ll see that Disneyland Paris offers by far the cheapest Annual Pass (Passeport Annuel Dream), as well as some of the best perks.

On the other hand, Tokyo Disney Resort (owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company) offers the most expensive annual pass, with no perks at all. No discounts, no free parking, only access to both parks. Surprisingly, the Annual Passes for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World cost almost the same, while the Disney World pass has more parks to offer, as well as the water parks, Disney Quests and one of the golf courses.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Pass is slightly more expensive then Disneyland Paris and offers equal discounts and perks, however, the resort is a lot smaller with only one park, less attractions and no Disney Village-like area.

Sources: the websites of the Disney Resorts and @DreamSweetsLove for the Tokyo Disney Resort information

Currency rate of 27 May 2012

Click to enlarge:

Comparing Disney Annual Passes worldwide

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