Disneyland Paris has launched an official survey for the fan community. In the survey, fans from all over the world are asked how they feel about the current communication towards the community and how it could be improved. Other questions are related to the merchandising offering the resort, special events and a possible official blog.

One question asks which websites you know, so don’t forget to check our very own “magic forum” and you can add “Photos Magiques” in the “other” field at the end of the list. Our friends and partners “DLRP Today” and “Disney Central Plaza” deserve some love too!

If you are interested in special events exclusively for fans or an official blog or anything else that Disneyland Paris can improve towards its fans, then it’s really important you fill out the survey. It will be open until 12 December, so spread the word!

Important: this survey will not work with Mozilla Firefox. Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome instead!