Toy Story Playland is part of Toon Studio and holds the attractions RC Racer, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop and Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, as well as the Barrel of Monkeys shop. There are  many themed references to the Toy Story universe. Literally walk in Andy’s footsteps as they are larger than life imprinted on the floor. Plants were chosen to make sure they resemble oversized blades of grass and safety barriers and light poles are made out of K’Nex and Lincoln Logs.

The huge Buzz Lightyear toy at the entrance of the land welcomes guests in both French and English. A larger than life Rex toy can be found near RC Racer. He as well bilingually addresses guests.

Besides Toy Story references, there are also nods to the Pixar Animation Studios. The famous ball from the short Luxo jr. is placed outside Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin and the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop queue line is dubbed Fort Emery (the actual studios are based at Emeryville, California).

The background loop played throughout the land is an instrumental remix of the first two movie soundtracks.


You’ll have a perfect view over the land when riding Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Take your camera with you!