The Toy Soldiers take you out for a mission high above Toy Story Playland. When Sarge yells “go” prepare for the big drop!

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop opened with the rest of Toy Story Playland on 17 August 2010 and stands 25 metres tall. The concept of a parachute-drop-style attractions goes back to Disney’s California Adventure and Tokyo Disney Sea where a similar attraction named Jumpin’ Jellyfish exists. When designing Toon Studio in 2005, a similar attraction was considered based on A Bugs Life.

At one point there were plans to add two drop towers, but this idea was omitted by adding back to back seats. A slide themed to a fort was considered to be part of the Toy Soldiers area, but this idea was eventually abandoned.


This attraction features a single riders line. Guests wishing to ride alone can queue here and will be assigned to a remainging empty seat. This will usually reduce the waiting dramatically.