The Genie directs his own movie on this larger than life movie set and you are the star!

Flying Carpets over Agrabah is a Dumbo-style attraction in which guests take place in carpets. Both the height and the pitch can be controlled while riding the carpet. The queue line is located behind the backdrop and is designed to resemble the green room. Gags on boxes and props can be seen along the queue line like a box filled with spare sand, carpet cleaner and lamp oil.

Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney Sea feature a similar attraction, although the Walt Disney Studios Park version is the only one with a large backdrop. The area in front of the Carpets was expanded in 2006 with an oasis as part of the Toon Studio placemaking.


This attraction usually has a lot less waiting time compared to Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Use this in mind when planning your day!