Ride the whirling East-Australian Current in a turtle shell! Nemo and Squirt join you, but watch out for the dangers of the deep as angler fish, jellyfish and the not-so-vegetarian shark Bruce are lurking around every corner.

Crush’s Coaster is a Wild Mouse type roller-coaster in the dark with dark ride scenes based on Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo. This attraction opened in April 2007 together with Cars Quattre Roues Rallye and the Toon Studio placemaking project. The show building is constructed on the Bâtiment Imaginations (the costuming department for Cast Members) parking lot. The large mural of Crush and the other sea turtles represents the backdrop for the movie scene. There are 2 similar backdrops located in Toon Studio: one at Cars Race Rally and another one at Flying Carpets over Agrabah. The Crush mural is 27,43 meters long by 7,32 meters high.

Now grab shell dude and ride the EAC!


Crush’s Coaster usually has long waiting times, going from 40 minutes up to 120 minutes and even more on busy days! Plan your day well if you want to ride this attraction.