Hollywood Boulevard

Exit Disney Studio 1 and admire the Hollywood Boulevard leading up to the Hollywood Hills. Stroll through this classic Californian street and take in the 1950’s atmosphere while enjoying the memorable soundtrack. When you reach the end you’ll notice the buildings are just film sets and part of the behind-the-scenes experience.

Hollywood Boulevard was added during the construction of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror with the purpose to blend in the attraction with the rest of the park. Because of the harsh Marne-la-Vallée weather real palm trees could not be used, so Imagineers opted for artificial ones. To set the 1950’s time frame all shop windows where filled with items out of that period. One window used to feature an old television set and a movie poster of Forbidden Planet, a classic sci-fi movie starring Lesley Nielsen. This window has since been replaced by Speciality Ice Cream.

There’s a long going rumour that the boulevard will be extended at some time in the future.

Expert’s advice

A photo of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue with the Hollywood Hills as a backdrop is a popular photo opportunity.