Disney Studio 1 is a large indoor venue themed to a movie set. The set represents Hollywood Boulevard with legendary and imaginary buildings from the golden age of Hollywood. Well-known icons that are recreated include Crossroads of the World, The Egyptian Theatre, The Brown Derby, The Dark Room and the Hollywood Hills.

Restaurant En Coulisse and the shop Legends of Hollywood are located behind the movie sets. The main boulevard is the only passage way between Front Lot and the rest of the park. It provides excellent protection during bad weather, but it can get crowded in here on busy days.

If Disney Studio 1 would have been an operating studio, it would have been one of the largest in Europe, with a length of 70 metres, width of 35 metres and height of 20 metres.


Take a good look at the large Hollywood mural. It changes from day to night every few minutes using simple, but effective lighting effects.