Disney Dreams!

Disney Dreams! is Disneyland Paris’ first all year round nighttime spectacular featuring fireworks, pyrotechnics, lasers, projections and fountains around and on Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant.

In this amazing adventure, Peter Pan’s shadow escapes and unleashes all the magic from the Second Star by the accident. Shadow is then taken on a musical adventure through several well known Disney stories; from the excitement of Lumière’s Be Our Guest to the romance of I See the Light from Tangled. But when the Disney Villains get involved, it’s up to Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to save the day once again.

Disneyland Paris is the first Magic Kingdom-style theme park to incorporate a show of this scale on its Castle and on the water body surrounding it. The show combines the technology once created for other Disney spectaculars like Wishes, Fantasmic and World of Color from Disneyland California and Walt Disney World.


Disney Dreams! is designed so it can be watched from different angles around Central Plaza and even from Main Street, U.S.A. without losing out on the storyline and the projections. So it doesn’t really matter where you watch it, but obviously watching it from the centre of Central Plaza will give you the best pictures.