Sail the Happiest Cruise in the world to the tune of the world famous “it’s a small world” tune. Immerse in colourful sets and hundreds of Audio-Animatronics representing the world’s continents and its traditions and customs.

Each Magic Kingdom-style park in the world features an “it’s a small world” attraction. The Paris attraction is shorter than the American versions but the amount of sets and Animatronics remains the same.

During the Christmas Season characters celebrating the holidays around the world are placed in the attraction and the soundtrack is altered as well with seasonal music.

A post-show sponsored by France Télécom used to be located at the end of the attraction, but it was closed to make way for the Princess Pavilion meet ‘n’ greet.


Queue lines move quite fast here as the ride system can handle a large number of guests at the same time. However, in the evenings there’s usually hardly any waiting time.