Space Mountain opened in 1995 as Space Mountain: de la Terre à la Lune. It retold the story of Jules Verne’s famous book From Earth to the Moon. At the time, it was a unique attraction with special lighting effects and for the first time ever, on-board music. The attraction became a guest favourite, but with the arrival of the neighbouring Walt Disney Studios Park and its Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster avec Aerosmith, the attraction’s technology felt dated. So management decided in 2005 to close down the attraction and replace the story, update all special effects with brand new and unique projections and an all new soundtrack, composed by Michael Giacchino.

Instead of travelling to the moon, guests are now going further into space and encounter galaxies, comets, asteroids and highlight of the trip, an exploding supernova. What a blast!


Space Mountain is an exciting attraction with loops, on-board music and great effects. Disney purists will prefer the original version, but truth said, it’s still an amazing attraction, unique to the world.