Explore dark caverns, cross rope bridges and hunt for pirate treasures on Adventure Isle, located in the deep lush jungle of Adventureland!

Adventure Isle is an island in the center of Adventureland, surrounded by La Mer des Bretteurs (The Swordmen Sea). The concept derives from the Tom Sawyer Island attractions in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Adventure Isle is devived in two islands:

The Northern Island features the enormous La Cabane des Robinson with the cave-like Le Ventre de la Terre under the tree. L’Epave (the Robinson family’s shipwreck) is located nearby, as well as Le Rocher qui Bascule (the tipping rock) which has now been fixed to the ground due to safety issues.

The Southern Island features Spyglass Hill, a mountain with Pirate Lookout which offers a view over Adventureland. Pirates Grotto located inside and around the mountain has a bottomless pit, a stalagmite maze and Benn Gunn’s Treasure. Also located on the Southern Island are Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship, Skull Rock and La Plage des Pirates.

There are many references to other movies on Adventure Isle. Geppetto’s shipwreck can be found on the beach near Skull Rock and the small boat located on La Mer des Bretteurs near Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost is a reference to “The African Queen”, the movie that inspired Walt Disney to build the Jungle Cruise.


Pirates Grotto is a fun cave system to explore, especially in the early mornings when there are few guests.